Hotel Grand Amour

Paris, Île-de-France France

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Why Stay Here?

Traveling is almost always a tiring experience. Knowing you have a cozy hub to unwind in at the end of your journey is important. The Hotel Grand Amour, on the Rue De La Fidelite, is such a stopover, and a must-stay hotel for LGBTI travelers to Paris.

This super fresh hotel was opened November 2015 and has been decorated with a lot of taste. It is packed with character that prisms the personality of the funky, hipster and eclectic types.

Upon entering the building, notably the first thing your eyes will lock on Is a statue of Mickey Mouse with a rather large erection. Yep – right in the lobby.

Open until 3am, the fashionista bar and restaurant area will attended our appetite after a long day of traveling. The classic mojito is to die for – our choice every time – and the dirty Martini is out of this world.

For any LGBTI couples wanting to visit Paris for a long weekend, you have to book a reservation at the Hotel Grand Amour. All in all, you won’t be disappointed.