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Check Out Axel Hotel's Flip Flop - Please Disturb Videos!


Leave it to Axel Hotels to come up with clever and cute videos for their hotels and their LGBTQ customers and guests. Their latest - Flip Flop, Please Disturb is hotness overload!

In episode 1x1, "PLEASE DISTURB", Flip meets a boy who invites him for a good time, but of course, he´ll first need to know which room he can find him in. What´ll he encounter behind each door? Maybe Flop knows...

Location: Axel Hotel Barcelona (

In episode 1x02, Flip and Flop meet up to have a drink at Axel Hotel Barcelona and they come across a very handsome and sweet waiter... 😜

They both want to get his attention, but who will reign victorious?

You can Axel Hotels on Youtube (Axel Hotels) and Twitter (@axelfriendly)

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