Barcelona, Spain

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Why Stay Here?

Axel Hotels is a hotel chain focusing on the gay community. However, we created a free and tolerant society, where diversity and respect are valued. Two men, two women or a man and a woman, any type of customers are equally welcome, without prejudice to their sexual orientation.

We do not want to define AXEL HOTELS as gay, we introduce a new term: heterofriendly.

Axel is designed for the gay audience, but is opened to everyone.


From the beginning, the team has taken care of the minutest details. First of all, its location in “Gayxample”, the heart of the Barcelona gay atmosphere, 10 minutes from the most stylish and cool places in the city. Particularly in the area around Eixample stands out for its vibrant gay scene. There is a wide and varied range of fashionable clothes shop, bars, restaurants, cafés, night clubs, hairdressers, saunas etc., and all without having to set foot outside this diverse and cosmopolitan area. As we are right in the heart of the Gayxample, the TWO Hotel Barcelona staff will tell you all the latest about what´s on in the Barcelona gay scene so that you won´t miss a thing.

TWO Hotel Barcelona is the second Axel experience in Barcelona. Faithful to the Axel concept - style, design, comfortable, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and good value for price - TWO Hotel Barcelona with its own parking in the same building, has 87 beautiful rooms fully soundproofed with the highest level of service and equipment, reflecting a comfortable and distinguished atmosphere. The hotel rooms have been specially designed, equipped and decorated to create a modern and elegant environment with maximum comfort. With a careful and exquisite design, our rooms offer king size beds, TV LED HDTV, universal smartphone chargers, complete soundproofing, free wi-fi and bathroom Axel amenities. All rooms have natural light and different views depending on their orientation.
Let your senses to be wooed at SkyBar, the roof top terrace bar with great views on Eixample area, another chic place to feel the cool grooves and enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona.

Come gather in TWO Hotel Barcelona entertainment areas which are internationally recognized as a meeting point by hotel guests and the local community. An ideal place for all those who want to experience the best Axel experience, the liveliest parties and events that can be found in this cosmopolitan city.

TWO Hotel Barcelona, by the centric location in the city, cosmopolitan atmosphere with stunning guests and visitors all year around, will present you an unforgettable stay.


  • 24 Hour reception
  • Air conditioning
  • Bath Axel Amenities
  • Bathrobes & Slippers
  • Central Heating
  • Complimentary WiFi throughout
  • Disabled access
  • Gym
  • Lobby Bar / Sky Bar
  • Minibar
  • Phone / Fax
  • Pool
  • Pool towels
  • TV
  • Universal smartphone charger