Hospedaje Dolcevita

Madrid Spain

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The Casa de Huéspedes DOLCEVITA (the Dolcevita guest house) is located in the center of Madrid, between the Calle Gran Vía and the Plaza de Chueca, almost right in front of the Plaza Aparcamiento Vázquez de Mella. In other words, we are right in the heart of the lively Chueca gay neighborhood.

The Dolcevita has recently been restored in order to preserve the special beauty of the architecture of its time and accommodate within it today's building concepts and criteria. We are known for our idyllic setting and atmosphere and are famous for our personalized service, our safety and cleanliness and above all for the high quality of the service and amenities offered at this price level.


  • B&B / guesthouse
  • City Center
  • Complimentary/Discounted Breakfast
  • Shower
  • TV