Actor writes letter to Southwest for discriminating against gay friends


'Your employees made it clear that these beautiful little girls and their fathers were not in fact "family"'

AnnaLynne McCord of Nip/Tuck and 90210 fame took to social media to call out Southwest Airlines for discriminating against a gay family.

She opens her letter writing: ‘Dear Southwest Airlines, Have you ever felt bullied? Have you ever been picked on? Have you ever been rejected?’

She posted her full letter as well as a picture of the family to her Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the letter, she alleges an employee denied the two fathers and their daughters family boarding privileges because they’re a same-sex couple.

In a comment on the Instagram post, she calls the men her ‘very close friends’, Jack and Dave.

She discusses the daughters in her letter, writing: ‘It was their first flight ever and they were so excited to join their Daddies on a family trip. Only your employees made it clear that these beautiful little girls and their fathers were not in fact “family.”‘

‘Love is what these wonderful little girls have for their Dads. Love does not separate, it unites,’ she continues. ‘So, I would just like to ask you ‘why’?

‘Why would your company representatives (the desk agents boarding the plane on behalf of your corporation) believe that it is okay to reject these little girls’ love for their fathers, making them feel that they are not good enough? That their family should be left out? Is that not a form of bullying? Is that not a form of hate? I certainly wouldn’t call it love.’

McCord ends her letter calling on the company to do better and signing off ‘with an absolutely broken heart’.

This is not the first time Southwest is under fire for LGBTI discrimination.

Earlier this year in May, they received backlash for the same thing. When Grant Morse, his husband Sam, and their children tried to partake in family boarding, a gate agent told them they couldn’t board as a family.