Gay Couple Stars In New Iceland Air Ad



The Iceland Monitor reports:

A gay couple traveling around Iceland, taking in its nature and culture, are the protagonists of a new video advertisement from Icelandair. The company’s brand manager says it’s natural and important to show diversity, Gay Iceland reports. Jón Skafti Kristjánsson, brand manager at Icelandair a customer-oriented airline and travel service company serving 44 gateways in Europe and the U.S.

The ad is part of a series and will be shown on social media in all of Icelandair’s marketing areas abroad, promoting the experience of visiting Iceland. Jón Skafti points out that gay models have been used in the company’s advertisement before, but when promoting special package tours to Iceland or when publishing in specific media.

What is perhaps most notable about this particular ad is that even though the characters in it are gay, they’re not the stereotypical, extravagant gay men so often portrayed in adverts: tanned, muscular young men dressed to the nines with stylized hair, dancing to Lady Gaga tunes till dawn.

Watch ad here: