Gay tourists contributed $1.2b to Argentina's economy in 2014


Jamie Tabberer

20% of visitors to Buenos Aires are LGBTI, says tourism institute.

Gay tourism is booming in Argentina.

The pink pound brought in a whopping $1.2b to the country's economy in 2014, according to the Tourism Ministry's National Institute for Tourism Promotion.

More than 445,000 LGBTIs descended on the country this year, says the TMNITP.

Research shows there was an especially high concentration of queer travellers in Buenos Aires.

One in five visitors to the Argentine capital were gay this year, according to data collected by the organisation.

Argentina has long been known for its gay-friendly attitude, legalising gay marriage in 2010, becoming the first South American country – and the tenth worldwide – to do so.

Meanwhile, Buenos Aires's gay pride parade regularly attracts 150,000 marchers.

Argentina also made the news earlier this week, when it was reported the country was stocking what was thought to be the world's first trans doll.