To Lure More Fliers Qantas Is Adding Bigger Meals, More Entertainment



If it pays off, other carriers could follow suit.

Australian airline Qantas is thinking way out of the box: in an effort to boost profits, the carrier is adding bigger meals for economy passengers instead of shrinking them or taking them away.

The new meals will apply to economy fliers traveling internationally, so a passenger from the U.S. would enjoy the new benefit. Meals will be 50 percent bigger and feature upscale options like waygu beef. There will be three options of meals to choose from, though fliers who pick their meal online will enjoy a fourth choice.

Qantas will be paying 40 percent more for the new dining service than what was offered previously. They're also adding more TV and film options for fliers.

It's an interesting strategy for an airline to offer more rather than less — time will tell if it pays off. The airline recently reported an uptick in business after a big loss in 2013 and '14.