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XLsior Festival

Mykonos, Greece

XLSIOR MYKONOS is the most exclusive International Summer Gay Festival, launched in Sept. 2009 on the famous island of Mykonos. Four years ago, the founder – Anastasios Kapetanias – had the idea to create XLSIOR Mykonos, a grand-standing festival being more friendly, happy and exclusive from what was existing on the gay circuit. Mykonos has revolutionarily renewed its image since the launching of XLSIOR and welcomes now all kind of circuit boys and holidaymakers thanks to a well-designed program, great artists of the gay scene, breathtaking open-air venues, a friendly and enjoyable holiday environment and guys coming from the four corners of the world to have fun.


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Folsom Europe

Berlin, Germany

Folsom Berlin is the European edition of infamous San Francisco Folsom street party. Thousands of leather and fetish guys come to Berlin this weekend for numerous parties and events. The main event is the street fair itself. This is held outside on Saturday in the afternoon at the Welser- and Fuggerstraße. Most guys wear some fetish gear, some have really spectacular outfits. This is a decent street party though, so no outside action.