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Bermuda legalizes same-sex marriage again, just days after banning it


Bermuda’s Supreme Court just ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, making it legal in the country again.

Bermuda officially legalized same-sex marriage in May last year. But then it became the fi...

Up Next: Puerto Vallarta Gay Pride


It's that time again in mid May when Gay Prides around the globe line up and welcome in a whole new year of celebrations. From the Americas, Asia, Europe and Down Under we chime in on what's happen...

Bringing It Back To The Gay Owned Chelsea Pines Inn, NYC


New York City, always a popular LGBTQ destination brings the spotlight to the fabulous Chelsea Pines Inn on 14th Street, New York City.

We are in love with their cozy aesthetic, their fantastic ...

Spain’s King Felipe VI sends landmark message to LGBTI community


King Felipe VI of Spain just sent an unprecedented message to the Spanish LGBTI community.

In celebration of 25 years since the start of Spanish LGBTI magazine Shangay, the reigning monarch offe...

Axel Hotels presents ‘Clicking’


The chain of LGBTQ hotels launches a suggestive campaign in which two guys fall in love based on clicks.

Before sex, there’s always petting. And before petting comes clicking. What is clicking? ...

Axel Hotels will have 2 new properties in 2019


Onward and upward: Axel Hotels will have 2 new properties in 2019

You will soon be able to go around the world from Axel to Axel. At least, you won’t have to wait long to go around Spain from Ax...