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Travel news: $399 airfare for gay cruise in China


Atlantis Events, which specializes in all-gay and lesbian vacations, is now offering the first-ever gay cruise to mainland China, South Korea and Japan. Atlantis’ newest cruise sails from Shanghai,...

Axel Hotel Berlin’s General Manager talks about the gay life and culture in Berlin.


At the grand opening in March of 2009, Klaus Wowereit, the openly gay mayor of Berlin, welcomed Axel Hotel Berlin as the latest addition to the city’s “most cosmopolitan gay scene,” stating, “We ar...

9 Gay Friendly Cities


Most of today’s most popular gay-friendly cities, in the past, were not as friendly as they are today. Some, on the other hand, simply weren’t popular amongst gay travelers. While well-known gay tr...

Say No to Doug Manchester.


Doug Manchester, owner of the second-largest Hyatt hotel in the country -- and the man who donated $125,000 in crucial early seed money to the Prop 8 campaign -- has launched a cynical public relat...

Roy's Hideaway


Brand new Roy's Hideaway Campground makes a YouTube video/commercial to market itself! Feeling like an outdoors stay? Stays4Gays.com recently began promoting and marketing gay and gay friendly camp...

Ben & Jerry's


In partnership with Freedom to Marry Ben & Jerry's celebrates Vermont and all the other great states where loving couples of all kinds are free to marry legally. We have ceremoniously dubbed our ic...